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Pls. don’t re-upload any of this video. I uploaded this for all the b2utys out there who don’t have WTBA DVD. Enjoy! ^^

[!] Beast meets B2UTY DVD will be released on 27 July Price: 36300 won
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[!] Beast meets B2UTY DVD will be released on 27 July Price: 36300 won

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110808 BEAST's interview in "There'll Be No Spotlight If You Stop Now"

Q2: What did you think when you were temporarily “free” of Cube?
Junhyung: Since my trainee days, I thought of Shinsadong Tiger not just as a composer but as a brother. Tiger hyung also had a difficult time training as a singer. Because of that, he tried to understand my complains and loneliness. Nevertheless, I’d seen failure. So, in the end if I couldn’t hold on to Cube, I might had to give up my dream of being a singer. This matter was very important to me and I thought about “stopping right here right now” a lot. But instead of giving up, I practiced alone and sincerely asked Director Hong for another chance.
CREDITS: There'll Be No Spotlight If You Stop Now (SOURCE); LadyPsyche & YONGISM @ B2STRISING (TRANS)

[NEWS] KBS explains, “We didn’t cut out all of BEAST’s performance”

KBS had stood up to explain their point of view on the matter of BEAST’s cut performance on the aired episode of ‘Dream Concert’.

On the 31st of May, there had been a petition going around Daum Agora titled, “2012 Dream Concert I love Korea.” 

On May 12th at the ‘2012 I love Korea Dream Concert’ that took place in Seoul Amsangdong World Cup Stadium, BEAST had sung ‘Fiction’ and ‘Shock’ for the ending stage of the first part. However, on the broadcasted version of the Dream Concert that aired on May 30th, KBS had completely edited out ‘Shock’ and the stage for ‘Fiction’ had barely made on air.

The artists who performed at the concert had sang at most 2 songs and at least 1 song, however for BEAST, they had sang 2 songs and had 1 song completely edited out while the other song was cut in the middle. This has caused an uproar among the fans and the petition on Daum Agora is trying reaching their target of 50000 people.

In response to this event, on the 1st of June KBS had stated through a phone call with Star En, “It is not true that we had edited out all of their performance. The stars who had performed that day had sung at least 2 songs, however we had agreed with the different managements before anything was aired that we will only be airing one song.” 

According to KBS, only T-ara had two songs aired because they had a special stage and rest of the other artists had only one song aired on TV. 

In addition, as a response to only airing a short bit of BEAST’s ‘Fiction’ KBS stated, “That was out of our hands in regards to the time we had left to air the clip. For example, if this was a sports game and if the time went over, we would have done the same and cut off the broadcast in the middle. We hope that the fans will understand up on this part.” 

Meanwhile there are currently 3494 people who have signed the petition on Daum Agora.