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110808 BEAST's interview in "There'll Be No Spotlight If You Stop Now"

Q2: What did you think when you were temporarily “free” of Cube?
Junhyung: Since my trainee days, I thought of Shinsadong Tiger not just as a composer but as a brother. Tiger hyung also had a difficult time training as a singer. Because of that, he tried to understand my complains and loneliness. Nevertheless, I’d seen failure. So, in the end if I couldn’t hold on to Cube, I might had to give up my dream of being a singer. This matter was very important to me and I thought about “stopping right here right now” a lot. But instead of giving up, I practiced alone and sincerely asked Director Hong for another chance.
CREDITS: There'll Be No Spotlight If You Stop Now (SOURCE); LadyPsyche & YONGISM @ B2STRISING (TRANS)
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